Two Beautiful New Covers

Mills and Boon covers of What Happens in the Air and All's Fair in Love and Wine

One of the reasons I’ve always loved being a Harlequin author is that Harlequin is a global corporation (even before its becoming a part of Harper Collins). This means that my works are published around the world and in multiple languages. I’ve been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, German, and Italian to name a few. My stories have also been converted into Manga. This is fun for an author. One of my former students saw one of my Mills and Boon books while she was in a book store in Australia during her semester abroad. One of my daughters told me that one of the girls who lived in her college dorm had one of my novels—she’d read it in her native language on the plane ride to America.

Harlequin always does a beautiful job on my covers. Depending on the market, they often change the cover images from the United States, and the covers in this post are the Mills and Boon versions of What Happens in the Air and All’s Fair in Love and Wine. You’ll see that they are very different, both in the color of the cover and the photos that are used. It’s simply one way Harlequin brands itself globally, which allows readers to recognize the various lines, and to know they are getting an excellent story.