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A literally hot romance between a sexy firefighter and the photographer capturing his image for a charity calendar.

I decided I’d better read Mr. September from the newest member of Book View Café publishing cooperative because, well, sexy firefighter. I can testify that the trope of hunky firefighters is an actual thing, since the freezing night Thor and I nearly burned down our wood-burning sauna a few years ago. The guys who showed up after we called 911 – oops, our hose was frozen – were very cute, as well as cheerful heroes in putting out the flames and advising us on safety protocols. But I digress….

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Sara Stamey
The Rambling Writer Book Review

Looking for a warm and magically sweet holiday romance

Looking for a warm and magically sweet holiday romance, the kind that makes you smile almost non-stop from start to finish? What could be better than two people who find each other, while NOT looking for love? How about adding a tough little puppy that fights for his life and gives a veterinarian and a cop a reason to hope for miracles? An unusual agreement between Dr. Katherine Saunders and Detective Jack Donovan to feign being a loving couple to get his meddling family from playing matchmakers and get Kat the legal help she needs bring these two together for the Holidays. Is it the magic of the season? A puppy named Jingle or fate? Can Kat out “Christmas” the Scrooge in Jack? Delightful reading any time of year, but especially for the Holiday season!

A Little Christmas Jingle by Michele Dunaway is all kinds of romantic magic from start to finish! Ms. Dunaway has sprinkled quirky characters, a small town attitude and two amazing characters together over a sugar cookie sweet tale of romance, togetherness and love, while sharing the plight of a young puppy and all animals in need of their perfect forever home. Not your cookie cutter Holiday read, this author understands the spirit of the Holidays!



When I started this book I was a little worried that it was going to be a insta-love kind of book and it actually was BUT even with the insta-love I thought this book was adorable and it took me a couple chapters to realize just how much I really love this book and the characters.

Jake and Kat are just to cute together. With a sort of arrangement to help him get his mom off his back and for him to help her save her shelter they work together but next expected to fall completely in love. Now I am not a fan of insta-love but I really like how it was done in this one. It was instant but it took sometime to build up and not that annoying type of build up for me it actually worked. For most of the book I just wanted them to have sex already the tension was there but it wasn’t overly steamy.

This had all the elements that make a great romance novel with a nice touch of Christmas Magic. I adored his family however I was hoping for a bit more Jingle the Dog. I understand he is what brings them together but he is sort of the background. However I still enjoyed this book immensely, really great read for the holidays or any day really 🙂

This book honestly started at a 3 star when I noticed the insta-love but as I kept reading I realized how much I really loved this book and the characters and by the time this was over it was a solid 4.5 for me


I hope there are 12 of these books

What a great story and an easy read. I’m picky about my romance books. I don’t want silly junk or books focusing too much on sex. Mr. September was well written with an interesting storyline/ plot. I was cheering for Joe and Taylor early on. Well worth my time and my money.

Mrs. B - Amazon reader

Loving it!

I am loving this book! It is based out of St. Louis and it is so interesting to read about the characters going to local resturants, parks, and attractions. The book has a great romantic theme with characters who have depth.

Dr. Tania Farran - Goodreads reader