An Interview with Caridad Piñeiro

cover of Sabotage Operation by Caridad Piñeiro

One of the best things about being an author is making friends with other authors. Here’s a friend of mine that I’d like you to meet: 

Caridad Piñeiro

Caridad Piñeiro

From Glass Ceilings to Will Shakespeare

Caridad has been writing since the 5th grade when her English teacher assigned a class project: to write a 20-page book for the class lending library. She told me she “started writing and never stopped!” 

Caridad started writing professionally after her daughter was born. She told me, “I hit a glass ceiling at my office and was very unhappy. I had let my writing become secondary to my career but knew that was what I really wanted to do and I decided it was time to do it and show my daughter the importance of following your dreams. I can happily say that she’s a writer now also!”

Caridad has always loved stories with a romance. “After picking up Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss, I realized that what I wanted to write was romance,” she said.

Since she first started writing to current day, Caridad hopes that she’s gotten to be a much stronger writer. However, the one thing that hasn’t changed is that she’s a sucker for “strong women, caring men, and that happily ever after.”

I can agree with that! I gave her a tough question, asking Caridad who she’d pick if she could sit down with any writer, living or dead, who would it be and why, Caridad told me it would William Shakespeare because “It’s amazing that his work and words remain relevant after so long.” 

A Q & A on Her Writing Process

Q:  Do you have a ritual for when you sit down at the keyboard? 

A: I absolutely do. I make my coffee and have it at my side. I cuddle up on a blanket on the futon in my office, turn on the TV, find something to watch, and then start writing. The TV part is crazy I know, but for many years I did most of my writing on the train during my commute to NYC, so I got used to noise in the background and can’t write without it!

Q: How do you balance your day job with writing? How do you balance your relationships and hobbies? 

A: I balanced my day job with writing by having set times to do both and sticking to those hours. Sometimes it was difficult because I had to balance work, writing, and family, but I managed to do it somehow. I’m writing full-time now and still adjusting to that and balancing it with family and hobby time. I love to garden and stroll along the boardwalk.

Yes, You Want to Pre-Order this book: 

Sabotage Operation (South Beach Security: K-9 Division, 1)

cover of Sabotage Operation by Caridad Piñeiro

Owner of a thoroughbred racing stable, Teresa Rodriguez is about to testify against her former trainer. Is he the one behind all the recent sabotage? When security expert Matt Perez joins the investigation, Teresa is grateful for the extra protection he and his K-9 offer. Now, as Matt and his dog, Butter, stand beside her 24/7, the attraction between them can’t be denied. Even as the danger escalates.

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Thanks Caridad for sharing with me!