A Little Office Romance

A Little Office Romance (2000)
Harlequin American Romance

Although Alex welcomes the temp who’s covering for his secretary while she’s on vacation, he feels uneasy about her. This new one has freckles all over her makeup-free face with her hair pulled into a simple and tidy ponytail. He just fired a temp who was obsessed by her appearance and paid no attention to her work. Still, something is troubling him about this plain-looking woman. Meanwhile, Julia, the temp, is having a hard time hiding her fluttering heart, and she worries that he might discover her true identity despite her perfect disguise!

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What are Reader’s saying:

Cute fun story

This is a light book, one of those delightful great reads that make you laugh and root for the underdogs. If you’re looking for a book that you can take to the beach, this one’s for you.