Sweeping the Bride Away

Sweeping the Bride Away (2003)
Harlequin American Romance

With a failed romance behind her, Cassidy Clayton accepts a proposal from the boy next door. Unfortunately, with her prospective mother-in-law Lillian also next door, tensions increase as Lillian insists on making all the wedding arrangements in the guise of “helping”. Even looking like an overstuffed marshmallow in the wedding dress Lillian selects does not convince Cassidy to speak up for herself. Then the city inspector comes two weeks before she closes on the sale of her house.

Catching the Corporate Playboy

Catching the Corporate Cowboy (2002)
Harlequin American Romance

“I can turn any woman into a princess. Take the waitress, for example…”

That’s what the arrogant, insufferable — and, I admit, drop-dead-gorgeous — multimillionaire Cameron O’Brien said when he thought I wasn’t listening. Seems he’d bet he could make some “poor little working girl” over into his idea of the perfect woman — and he’d chosen me!

Well, he’s about to find out there’s a whole lot more to Darci Sanders than meets the eye. I’ll play along with his little game, let him whisk me off to New York, dress me in designer clothes and teach me high-society “manners.”

But along the way, I’m going to teach him the lesson of his life — and maybe I’ll just stick around to make sure it lasts a lifetime….

The Simply Scandalous Princess

The Simply Scandalous Princess (2002)
HarperCollins Publishers

Princess Receives Royal Treatment From King’s Adviser

Sources reveal that General Montcalm has been issued a royal directive: determine if youngest princess Lucia Carradigne is fit to be queen of Korosol. But this assignment may prove more risky to the general than taking a bullet for his king. Seems as if the beautiful princess is testing his resolve–against seduction. And what normal man wouldn’t want to fail such a test with the tempting, much younger woman? Still, accounts of the military hero indicate he would never woo the king’s granddaughter from the throne to satisfy his own desires. Then again–has his “investigation” wobbled off course? In this quest for a queen, perhaps he’ll win a wife!

Get all the facts inside…as a search for an heir to the throne leads to scandals of royal proportions for the Carradigne: American Royalty.

Taming the Tabloid Heiress

Taming the Tabloid Heiress (2001)
HarperCollins Publishers


New York’s most notorious, not to mention most beautiful, heiress, Kit O’Brien, is trying to get a reputation as a working girl–that is, a journalist. And her first interview subject is none other than handsome millionaire Joshua Parker. Talk about sparks… The two of them apparently could hardly keep their eyes off each other!

Our sources tell us that the reclusive Mr. Parker doesn’t usually grant interviews, but in this case he’s making an exception. Because he knows that what Kit wants from him, first and foremost, is a story.

What he wants from heris another story altogether….

Emergency Engagement

Emergency Engagement (2005)
Harlequin American Romance Classics

The first night Beth Johnson and her daughter rushed into his hospital’s emergency room, D4z4k^5;4*r. Quinton Searle’s medical opinion was that their problem would resolve itself over time.

But that was before he saw firsthand what the single mother did to pay the bills and he discovered that even the idea of her exposing her body to other men’s eyes made him break into a sweat.

And it was also before he realised that his condo and a sham engagement were the only options the three of them had left…

The Playboy’s Protegee

The Playboy’s Protegee (2003)
HarperCollins Publishing

Cats And Dogs, Oil And Water… Harry And Megan

Tricked! This time Harry Sanders’s matchmaking grandfather had gone too far. Assigning Harry to be a mentor in the family company was bad enough–but the old coot had paired Harry with his nemesis, the one woman guaranteed to blow the cagey playboy’s cool. Megan MacGregor’s know-itall attitude made him see red even as the hint of white lace beneath her boring blazer drove him wild. Megan was smug, starchy…and sexy enough to steal a man’s soul.

Harry had to play up his bad-boy bachelor image. Because nothing seemed to annoy Megan more. And if they ever stopped arguing and started kissing, Harry just might propose a merger of the most dangerous, permanent kind…