Capturing the Cop

Capturing the Cop (2014)
HarperCollins Publishers

Just Because A Girl’s Good At Pleasing Everyone…

Whoever said virtue is its own reward wasn’t a preacher’s kid or they’d know being virtuous was like being jailed with no possibility of parole. That’s why–after thirty years of living up to other people’s expectations–Olivia Jacobsen needs some release. And why a police charity calendar’s Mr. August might be the man to provide it.

Doesn’t Mean She Can Please Herself

Following his calendar appearance, Detective Garrett Krause finds himself drowning in a sea of indecent proposals, and his libido and opinion of women hit an all-time low. Olivia’s down-to-earth sweetness almost persuades him not to give up hope…until he discovers he’s been had, and her nice-girl come-on is a hoax. Isn’t it?


Tailspin (2008)
Harlequin Books 

Personal trainer Terri Whalen breathes car exhaust fumes the way other people breathe air. Born and bred into a NASCAR family, Terri travels the race circuit and ensures the drivers are in great shape. Her rule: job first. Men always seem to want more than Terri can give…until she meets Max Harper.

Max is a good-looking single dad, and the spark plugs between the two start firing almost immediately. When Terri brings Max and his daughter to experience the “behind-the-scenes” world of NASCAR, it’s immediately obvious that business has turned into pleasure. But when Max’s ex-wife shows up in a bid to reunite her family, Terri will have to decide whether to surrender…or fight!

Out of Line

Out of Line (2007)
Harlequin Books 

Computer specialist Lucy Gunter was determined to uncover the blackmailer sending threatening e-mails to a NASCAR driver. She knew that for every dirty little secret, there was always a trail left behind. But exposing the culprit was as difficult as keeping her mind off charismatic Sawyer Branch, whose routine visits to the sick children at the hospital where she worked touched her heart. As she grew closer to Sawyer—and edged closer to the identity of the blackmailer—Lucy sensed that there was far more to Sawyer than met the eye.…

Little did she know that Sawyer was hiding something from her— and he’d do almost anything to keep her from finding out!

Hart’s Victory

Hart’s Victory (2007)
Harlequin Books

Maybe there is life beyond Victory Lane…

Driver Hart Hampton is hot…until his winning streak tanks. Now he’s not even allowed to watch the next race. Instead, Hart’s delegated to charity work at a kids’ camp to overhaul his image. Single mother Kellie Thompson knows Hart’s trademark smile promotes everything from beer to boxers. But she won’t let his grin melt her defenses. Kellie’s number one job is to keep son Charlie healthy–not jump on private planes as a NASCAR NEXTEL All-Star Challenge VIP! Even if generous Hart is making her soul quake.

The truth is, Hart’s life revolves around racing. But now? Kellie’s got him wondering if there’s room in there for a family, too…

The Marriage Campaign

The Marriage Campaign (2006)
Harlequin Books

Campaign fund-raiser Lisa Meyer has worked hard to be her own boss and will let nothing — especially romance — interfere with her success. Then fate places sexy Mark Smith back in her path and sparks begin to fly. But if she lets herself fall for Mark, will she lose all she’s worked for? To Mark, Lisa is the perfect candidate for him to spend his life with. He’s already shared one passionate kiss with her and can’t resist the connection between them. Convincing her that they should treasure this second chance is another story, though. So Mark starts his own marriage campaign, one he’s determined to win… 

The Marriage Recipe

The Marriage Recipe (2008)
Harlequin Books

New York loves pastry chef Rachel Palladia’s desserts, and her boss in the A-list Italian restaurant where she works is desperate to make her his wife. A country girl’s dream come true-until she catches her fiancé making love to someone else. 

When her ex-fiancé sues her for the rights to her recipes, Rachel heads home to Morrisville, Indiana, to ask Colin Morris-the town’s hotshot lawyer and her former secret crush-for help. But while they’re working on an ironclad defense, their relationship really heats up! 

The two are concocting a recipe for the perfect marriage-except he’s determined to stay small-town, and she yearns for the big city’s bright lights. 

A dilemma, for sure, unless they can cook up a solution…

9 Month’s Notice

9 Month’s Notice (2007)
Harlequin Books

Jeff Wright never saw it coming. One minute he was in the midst of a white-hot office fling and the next the lady was over him and leaving for Kansas City. He had no idea what went wrong.

Tori Adams wanted it all. Two years with Jeff had been long on passion but short on commitment, which is why she’d planned on a new start. But she hadn’t intended to get pregnant, and that was about to complicate her life in ways she hadn’t foreseen. Because the man who’d been a good boss and amazingly passionate lover would pull out all the stops over the next nine months to show what a doting dad and devoted husband he could be!

The Doctor’s Little Miracle

The Doctor’s Little Miracle (2011)
Harlequin Press

Chandy McDaniel was seventeen and pregnant when her world crashed around her. Fifteen years later, she’s not stupid enough to let Justin McCall back into her life. But there’s one small problem. She still loves him. And that’s not the only secret she’s keeping.

Leaving Chandy was the hardest thing Justin ever had to do. Seeing her again a beautiful, grown-up doctor makes him realise how much he still cares. And she already seems to be head-over-heels for his son. Is it too late to make things right between them? And maybe, together, create the miracle they’ve both been waiting for.

Unwrapping Mr. Wright

Unwrapping Mr. Wright (2004)
Harlequin Enterprises

Lauren Brown has had it with being a ‘gal pal’, so she’s taking matters into her own hands. A complete makeover ought to wake up the oblivious Jeff Wright to the fact that she’s really a femme fatale. But there’s one problem-she gets the attention of his identical twin instead!

Dangerously attractive, Justin Wright is best known for his revolving-door relationships and uncanny ability to annoy Lauren, which he does every day as her boss. Unfortunately, Lauren isn’t sure how to handle things when the wrong Mr. Wright appears next to her Christmas tree with a tag that reads: ‘Open Me First’.

Sweeping the Bride Away

Sweeping the Bride Away (2003)
Harlequin American Romance

With a failed romance behind her, Cassidy Clayton accepts a proposal from the boy next door. Unfortunately, with her prospective mother-in-law Lillian also next door, tensions increase as Lillian insists on making all the wedding arrangements in the guise of “helping”. Even looking like an overstuffed marshmallow in the wedding dress Lillian selects does not convince Cassidy to speak up for herself. Then the city inspector comes two weeks before she closes on the sale of her house.